Remove Impossible Stains!

Watch the CR-2 video to see how to remove impossible stains.

Stop using liquid stain removing products that don’t work! 

Americolor offers professional grade, high quality, stain removing products that can remove or lighten almost any stain. Powdered stain removers can be increased in intensity to work faster and stronger. For professional use only. Read and understand all instructions before use.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars on new carpet, padding and installation just because your carpet has “ dirty’d out” vs. “ worn out”. In most cases the carpet has years of life still in it. Carpet replacement is not cost effective or environmentally friendly, now you have an alternative! Remove those stains and redye your carpet!

Powdered Stain Removal Products

CR-2 is ideal for any red stains such as sports drinks, wine or medications. Works wonders on brown stains, grass, chocolate, food coloring or spilled carpet dye. Requires steam iron, moist towel and ammonia.

Ideal for more delicate rugs and carpets. A life saver at taking out dye bleeds, furniture stains and other transferable dye stains. Requires steam iron, moist towel and either white vinegar or acetic acid.

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Works just like out dye pens, but with a easy to use stain removing chemical instead of dye. Works to lighten or remove a multitude of stains for a very low price!

Furniture Stain Remover is made to remove or lighten freshly made furniture stains (made within the last year). For older furniture stains consider CR-3 & redyeing.

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Basics about stain removal:

The truth of the matter is that some stains are easy to get out, while others are hard. Often times we do not know which one is the case until we attempt our stain removal process. On easier stains you will see a reaction with the chemical almost immediately. If no reaction is seen, intensify the product by adding more chemical or applying stronger heat. Be aware that using too much product or heat can permanently damage or discolor the carpet. If discoloring occurs, use basic spot dye procedures to add the color back in.

Use common sense when working with chemicals and evaluating stains. If you have a dark black stain on white carpet, you might be trying for the impossible. In this case you would be better off with a replacement plug ( or cut and plug) of the carpet. A good example of this is with dark colored hair dye. Hair dye will not come out with chemical methods.

Other basics about stain removal:

Always wear gloves when working with chemicals. Use in well ventilated place and avoid breathing fumes. Do not aggressively agitate one spot as it can damage face yarns. Excessive use of spotting agents can result in delamination (separating of backing) of the carpet.

Stain Magic - Stain Remover

Good for all Organic based stains- Coffee, Tea, Blood, Mold, Vomit, Juice, Wine, Food.

Includes 2 pints of liquid product plus Dual Chamber Trigger Sprayer

No More Mixing! The Pro’s Choice Stain Magic dual chamber trigger sprayer puts an end to mixing and measuring. Automatically blends parts A & B as solution is dispensed.

  • “Stain Magic” is a 2 part stain removal solution that will work magic for you on most stains caused by coffee, urine, tea and many other difficult to remove discoloration.
  • “Stain Magic” chemically alters the stain to simply make it disappear.
Urine Remover

OS-1 is an all in one, ready to use, high performance, odor eliminator with built in stain and soil removal. You must clean and neutralize any urine stains before dyeing occurs. This product is easy to use and will get the job done! For best results apply OS-1 in sufficient quantity on and around the visible surface contamination. Agitate the area gently but thoroughly then blot or extract away the soil. A second light topical application may be used. Any stains not removed by the cleaning will disappear as the spot dries.

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*Always use cation when working with chemicals and heat. With CR-2 & CR-3 do not store in liquid form. Product looses effectiveness 4-5 hours after being mixed with water. Do not combine with any type of bleach, oxidizing agent, cleaning agent or foreign material. Such combinations may produce deadly gasses which can cause container damage plus irritation to eyes and respiratory system. Store these products in safe, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for use by people with chronic respiratory ailments.