We offer the largest selection of automotive carpet dyes. Choose from over 70 colors to find the perfect color match for your car.

Beautifully Dye your Auto Interior
dyed car carpet

The Automotive Carpet Dye kit is specially made for auto restorers looking to refresh or darken car or RV interior. This kit comes with powder dye that you will mix yourself with hot water and than apply with your own spray bottle. Should you be dyeing a larger RV, you may want to consider a 20 oz container of carpet dye and 1 quart container of One Step Dye Prep.

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Automotive Carpet Dye Kit

The Automotive Carpet Dye kit is the for the auto restorer looking to refresh and darken his current nylon car or RV carpet. Powder dye is included in the kit so you can mix yourself to ensure you have the correct strength of dye. Simply lighten by adding more water and simple darken by adding more dye. Always heat dye as instructed and add One Step Dye Prep.

Includes: 2 oz dye (in your choice of color), 4 oz one step dye prep, pipet, stir sticks, mixing cups & instructions. *Brush not included.

Carpet Dye Colors

Available in all colors but the most popular 17 car carpet colors are:

Red, Maroon, Lt Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Dk Green, Rust, Silver Gray, Charcoal Gray, Apt Dk Gray, Black, Driftwood, Tan, Beige, Dk Taupe, Golden Brown, Dk Brown.

Picking a Color

 We suggest staying in the same color family as the original color of the carpet; you will get the best results this way. To custom make the color of your car’s carpet you will need to choose the closest 1-2 colors to your carpet and make up your own formula. Mixing the dyes is simple, the more dye you add to the water, the darker the dye bath gets.

The dye is permanent so run a test color sample first. This is the very best way to know what color your project will ultimately turn out. Run a test color sample in a small out of the way area, like under a seat. A very light color carpet with low pile ( as in your vehicle) does not have the ability to get to a deep dark color. There are simply not enough dye sites to hold a dark rich color. If you want to dye the car carpets black, you will get the best results if starting from a dark base color, not a light color.

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Professional Auto Dyeing System

For the Automotive or Carpet Professional

Start to redye automotive carpets today. With the Americolor Professional Auto Dyeing System you can enhance, recolor or dye almost any automotive carpet, floor mat or door panel.  We use the same acid-based, heat-activated dyes used in the carpet mills to provide a permanent, non-fade color. This is not paint! Our dyes give carpet a soft and plush “like new” feel and look.

Start your own Automotive Carpet Dyeing Business!

Purchase 7-10  20oz containers of dye and 1 gallon of One Step Dye Prep. Email for special discount.

Enhancement – for vehicle interiors in good condition that have lost that “new car” look. Just apply a light spray of dye and will be renewed to “like new” condition.

Recoloring – for vehicle interiors that have irreparable stains and fading that cannot be corrected. A heavy spray of dye and you will cover the stains and fading, darkening the original color slightly.

Dyeing – for vehicle interiors that are severely stained, faded, and worn. A heavy spray of dye will completely cover the original color, leaving a rich, like new finish (some colors may require more than one application).