Endless Possibilities with Acid Dyes

Make art and be creative. Turn that old wool rug into a fun trendy overdyed masterpiece. Dye wool yarns for sewing. Use for quilted silk. Make custom doormats or rainbow carpets. Dye any wool, silk or nylon materials. The possibilities are endless!

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8 Color Artist Dye Kit
artist dye kit

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Comes with 8 Beautiful 1 oz containers of Acid Dye and 2 oz container of One Step Dye Prep. Use Dyes for Wool, Silk or Nylon Fibers. Color include:

Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Purple, Black, Royal Blue & Turquoise.

Each 1 oz container is $12.00…That’s a $46.00 savings when bought in the kit!

Materials needed for Rug Overdyeing

Small Full Room Dyeing Kit


Includes 20oz container of dye and 1 quart of One Step Dye Prep. Covers up to 1000 square feet. Ensure you have enough dye for the entire job, small color differentials can occur between dye lots. Powder dye has an extremely long shelf life and can last for years if kept in dry environment.

Turn Grandma’s rug into a masterpiece by Overdyeing it to a bright, fun color. Apply a bright, fun color and watch how the color turns into a masterpiece. Remember you can only go darker with dyes and with overdyeing, the crazier the color the better. Best Sellers for overdyeing are Turquoise, Pink, Violet, Kelly Green and Orange.