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Carpet Dye Airbrush Kit

Complete Airbrush Kit

Dye fine rugs and carpet faster with this portable airbrush set with 1/6 HP 58 PSI compressor. Dual action airbrush set with 3 different size nozzle choices ( 0.2, 0.3 & 0.5). Compressor comes with adjustable PSI and pressure regulator with filter and moisture trap. Also includes 2 air brush hoses, one deluxe for flexibility and four glass dye cup. $345.00 + Shipping.


Portable Dye Machine

Time-saving and efficient. Dye carpets in all locations using this special machine. Twenty gallon holding tank with quick connect, dump valve, 2-100 PSI pumps. 1725 watt heater, casters and handle. One 25 ft. cord, 115 volts/UL approved. Options Available. $1895.00 + Shipping.


Dual Clean & Dye Machine

Perfect for one man operation and can be used as a cleaning machine too. Heavy duty fiber composite body with stationary handle. 12 gallon solution, 10 gallon recovery tank, 2- 100 PSI pumps, 2 two stage vacs, 25-foot vac & solution hose, 2 cords and 10 inch extraction wand. 25-foot 12-3 electric power cord. Electric tank heater with pre-set thermostat.  $2165.00 + Shipping (approximate 70 lbs)

Dye Wand

Deluxe Spray Wand

Developed for carpet dyers. Gives years of trouble-free use. Removable head permits changing of spray tips. Greatly reduces dyeing time and production costs. Insulated handle. $189.00 + Shipping.

Hot Water Kettle

Hot Water Kettle

This Hot Water Heater can help you reach the ideal temperature to ensure your carpet dyes set correctly. Has adjustable heat settings and a 32-ounce capacity to ensure you can quickly and easily get the job done. $22.00 + Shipping.


Stair Dyeing Tool

This heavy duty 6” wide stair tool is the perfect tool for cleaning stairs or getting upholstery done quickly. $115.00 + Shipping.


Wall Guard

This shield prevents dye from getting on the wall while you apply dye to the carpet. $60.00 + Shipping.


50 Ft. Solution Hose

50 foot, steel braided, high pressure, high temperature compliant. $148.00 + Shipping.