Full room carpet dyeing

Americolor offers the best quality dye available for nylon and wool carpet.

Carpet dyeing offers a great alternative to replacing old carpet. Don’t pay thousands of dollars on new carpet, padding and installation just because your carpet has “ dirty’d out” vs. “ worn out”. In most cases the carpet has years of life still in it. Carpet replacement is not cost effective or environmentally friendly, now you have an alternative!

Watch the full room carpet dyeing video to see how it’s done.

Fiber identification test

Do you know what fiber your carpet is? Americolor Dyes will only work with Nylon and Wool carpets. Below is an easy at home test you can follow to see if your carpet is dyeable.


  • Collect a few face fibers from the desired carpet you would like to dye and place in shallow dish.
  • Cover fibers with household bleach and let sit overnight (for at least 12 hours).
  • Check results. If the carpet fibers lose all of their color, then it is either nylon or wool carpet. If the fibers look like they have been sitting in water and have not lost any color, than the carpet is something else besides nylon or wool and our dyes will not work properly on the carpet. If your carpet has turned pink or purple it is also not dyeable.
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Large Full Room Dye Kit


Small Full Room Dyeing Kit


Can cover up to 5000 square feet. Great value when dyeing full home.

Can cover up to 1000 square feet. Great value if needing more than 2 oz of dye.

View the colors

How do I choose a color?

Choose a color that is darker than your original color and in the same color family. Smaller color conversions work better than larger color conversions. For example: Beige carpet dyed Dark Beige is better than Beige carpet dyed Black.

*Each carpet dye job is different and the exact amount of dye bath required varies from job to job. Each dye job is affected by factors such as the method used to apply the dye, the length and density of the carpet’s fibers , the strength of the dye formula and and the intensity of the color. The figures used in our calculations are based on color restorations and simple color changes for medium grade carpets ( ⅜ “ to ½ “ thick and medium density).

How much do I need?

  • 20 oz container can cover up to 1000 sq ft*

  • 5 lb container can cover up to 5000 sq ft*