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This kit is designed for larger bleach stains and discolorations on nylon and wool carpet. Dyes are permanent and will not wash out or rub off. All you will need for your home dyeing job is extremely hot water, a household spray bottle (with fine mist) and 8 oz container.


STEP 1: Empty entire contents of bleach neutralizer bag to 8 oz warm water. Apply bleach neutralizer to the bleach stained area dampening carpet fibers to the base. Do not extract bleach neutralizer. Do not let carpet dry before applying dye.

STEP 2: Heat water for your dye bath and make as hot as possible, ( minimum of 140 F ). COLD DYE WILL NOT REACT PROPERLY TO FIBERS. If dye becomes cold while dyeing, reheat in microwave safe container.

STEP 3: Make dye bath. Add 1 teaspoon One Step Dye Prep to about 8 ounces hot water. Add very small amount of dye to hot water. Try to make dye bath lighter than the original color of the carpet. (You can always add more dye later to darken.)

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Fix bleach spots
Bleach Spot Before
Bleach Spot After Dyeing
Bleach Spot After Dyeing

The Home Dyers Kit is specially made for homeowners fixing large spots ( spots bigger than the size of your hand). This kit comes with powder dye that you will mix yourself with hot water and than apply with your own spray bottle. Should your spot be smaller than the size of your hand you can consider our dye pens.

How to video

Watch the home dyers video and see how it’s done

The Home Dyers kit is ideal for larger bleach spots either bigger than the size of a softball and /or too big to be covered with a dye pen)

Designed for the homeowner with no experience dyeing carpet or fixing bleach stains.

Includes: 1 oz dye ( in your choice of color) , 2 oz One Step Dye Prep, Bleach Neutralizer crystal concentrate to make 8 oz of Liquid Bleach Neutralizer, Dye Pen Remover, carpet brush, pipet, stir sticks, mixing cups & instructions.

If your bleach spot is larger than 1 sq ft. Then you will need an additional concentrated Qt of Bleach Neutralizer.