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Fix small bleach stains with Carpet Dye Pens. Easy to use; just heat and apply. No Mixing. No Mess. Each pen can cover about 100 (quarter size) spots. Use Dye Pen Remover to erase small mistakes. Use Bleach Neutralizer Pen to neutralize chlorine crystals. Dye Pens are ideal for small yellow or white bleach spots on nylon or wool carpet. For larger bleach spots (bigger than palm of your hand) see Home Dyeing Kit page

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5 Dye Pen Homeowners Kit


5 Pen Homeowner’s Kit (best seller)

The most popular kit for smaller bleach spots because it comes with 3 colors of your choice, Bleach Neutralizer and Dye Pen Remover.  Suggested because there is not one magic color that will work for your carpet ; you have to blend the colors. The dye pen remover is there just in case you go too dark and the bleach neutralizer to neutralize the active chlorine crystals.

How do I choose Dye Pen Colors?

Choose 1 color that is closest to the original color of carpet, 1 color that is lighter and 1 color that is darker. Lt Gray is excellent for blending if any gray hues are present in your original carpet color.

Watch this video below if you’re still having trouble picking your carpet dye pen colors.


Start with process of elimination.

What general color is the carpet? Example: brown carpet ( #1-#18 )

Is it very light or very dark? Example: Light brown (#1, #2, #4, #5, #7, #8, #13, #14) 

What is the underlying hue? ( see section below) 

Example : Light brown with gray ( #7, #8, maybe #1 or #2)

Example : The lightest brown a carpet can be ( #7, #1, #4 – the lightest shades we offer )

Example : Medium brown with yellow carpet ( #4, #5, #6) 

Purchase an additional color for optimum results. Always test color on white cloth first.

The difference between Beige, Tan and Taupe

Is your carpet color truly “Beige”?  The difference between these 3 colors has to do with the underlying hue of your carpet. Here is a basic color rule that will help in choosing a color:

Beige carpet has an underlying hue of pink.

Tan carpet has an underlying hue of yellow.

Taupe carpet has an underlying hue of gray.

Color Choices
*Americolor color shades are designed to give a general idea of the color characteristics of each dye, not a guarantee of how the dye will look on various shades of carpet or a particular formula. Different viewing monitors and screen resolutions as well as the specific application may give a different variation of the actual color.

We do not sell single color dye pens through the website. Dye pens must be blended with other colors for optimum results. Do not expect perfect results with dye pens. Dye Pens are designed to be a last resort for the bleach spot on your carpet, not a perfect color fix. When in doubt or want of guarantee, call a professional carpet dyer.

Have a pink or purple discoloration? Our dyes will most likely not work for your carpet. Dyes are for use on Nylon and Wool carpet only. See test here

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