CR-3 – Advanced Color and Stain Remover


Excellent for removing dye bleeds on fine wool rugs, furniture stains and other transferable dye stains. Ideal when working with oriental & Navaho rugs or while restoring rugs after water damage. Safe to use on all fabrics and carpet yarns not harmed by hot water. Use on wool, silk, cotton, rayon, polyester, olefin or nylon to remove fugitive dyes, food stains or spilled carpet dye. Requires steam iron, moist towel and either white vinegar or acetic acid.

Mix 1 Tbsp CR-3 Powder with 4 oz Water & 2 oz White Vinegar or 1 tsp Acetic Acid.

This product can be used in diluted form for delicate fabrics and colors.  Also can be used in higher concentration for dark stains and faster reaction times. If higher concentration of CR-3 is used, be prepared to spot dye the spot after stain removal.  Average processing time per stain should be less than 2 minutes.

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