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CR-3 – Advanced Color and Stain Remover


Excellent for removing dye bleeds on fine wool rugs, furniture stains and other transferable dye stains. Ideal when working with oriental & Navaho rugs or while restoring rugs after water damage. Safe to use on all fabrics and carpet yarns not harmed by hot water. Use on wool, silk, cotton, rayon, polyester, olefin or nylon to remove fugitive dyes, food stains or spilled carpet dye. Requires steam iron, moist towel and either white vinegar or acetic acid.

Mix 1 Tbsp CR-3 Powder with 4 oz Water & 2 oz White Vinegar or 1 tsp Acetic Acid.

This product can be used in diluted form for delicate fabrics and colors.  Also can be used in higher concentration for dark stains and faster reaction times. If higher concentration of CR-3 is used, be prepared to spot dye the spot after stain removal.  Average processing time per stain should be less than 2 minutes.

Dye Fix


Prevents dye transfer, walk-off and bleeding. Recommended for Oriental rugs and upholstery prior to wet water cleaning. Available in nylon & wool or cotton & rayon. Makes 4 gallons. Dilute 1:3 with water.


Snow White Brightener


Makes whites look whiter by covering the dinge. Engineered for white and off-white carpets. Hides yellowing and graying. Mix with water and apply as a topical spray. 20 oz. makes 10 gallons full strength.


Furniture Stain Remover



This specially formulated pen does wonders on hard to remove furniture stains. No need to heat, just shake and apply directly to stain. Will not damage original color of carpet. This one of kind product is ready to use.



Kills odors, on contact at their bacterial source. Fast acting, safe and economical. Works on pet, smoke, food and body odors. 1 pint super concentrate makes 2-1/2 gallons. For normal odor problems dilute 1:19 (6 oz. of Odor Out to 1 gal. water.)


Carpet Shiner


Gives shine to any color fiber regardless of fabric. Intensifies and brightens any colored carpet or fabric. Can be mixed with cleaning and dyeing solutions or just mixed with water and applied as a topical spray. 20 oz. makes 160 gallons brightener.

Kool Aid & Food Stain Remover


Substitute for “Red Out”. Removes Kool Aid, food stains and fresh dye in seconds without affecting the original dye in the carpet or fabric. Apply to stain thoroughly & use steam heat to transfer stains to towel. No odor.


Carpet & Upholstery Spotter with Deodorizer


Contains a powerful deodorizer to deodorize as it cleans. Removes pet urine stains and odors. Dissolves adhesives, make up, wax, tar, varnish and gum. Safe to use on colorfast materials. Mix 1-2 oz. per gallon.

Oxygen Bleach/Color Safe Carpet Bleach


Breaks down heavy grease and soil deposits. Eliminates yellowing and brown-out problems. Will not bleach out permanent colors or harm carpets or fabrics that are colorfast. Use as pre-treatment or in cleaning solution at rate of 1-2 Tbsp. 2 Tbsp. in 1 gallon of water has same oxygen release as 40% peroxide.

Traffic Lane Cleaner & Pre-Spotter


Concentrated cleaner that dissolves grease, grime, oil and stubborn stains on contact. Can be used as a pre-spray or added to a cleaning solution. 1 gallon makes 128 gallons of prespray or 250 gallons of enhanced cleaning solution.


Lo Foam Extraction Powder


For a fraction of the cost this powdered formula will out-preform any comparable product on the market. Contains special blend of surfactants, wetting agents, anti-soiling agents, optical brighteners, ph buffers, water softeners and fragrance. Use 1 Tbsp. per gallon.