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IICRC Class Dyeing Kit with Carpet Samples


Class dyeing kit includes 10 carpet samples ( that you will need for the live hands on portion of the IICRC CRT test) and small sample dyes for “class purposes only”. Intended for 1 student. Class dyeing kits available only to students who are registered for an Americolor dyeing course.

Dye Master’s Color Guide With Gray Scale


Gives you the ability to mix, match, and create over 1,000,000 different shades of color before applying your dye! Contains 9 colors in 21 different levels of intensity. Use by overlaying colored slides containing the primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Takes all the guess work, wasted dye,  lost time and potential liability out of spot dying, color restorations, color changes and dye formulas. Also makes an excellent marketing tool for showing customers the amount of color loss and the final results before you start the job.

21-Level Gray Scale


Gives you the ability to measure a color’s relative light value (lightness/darkness) and compute the amount of color gain or loss. Included in Spot Dye Kits.

Color Wheel


Invaluable yet inexpensive tool for identifying what colors go in secondary and tertiary color formulas and the relationship between colors.

Spot Dye Droppers (10 Pack)


Handy pack of long plastic droppers for spot dyeing.

Bleached Carpet Samples (10 Pack)


Practice spot dyeing at home before you take a paying job.