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One Step Dye Prep


Saves both time and money this new product contains both DYE SET PENETRANT and pH STABILIZER in one easy to use chemical. Use 1-2 oz per gallon of dye bath. A must have for any carpet dye job.

Bleach Neutralizer


Neutralizes chlorine bleach on contact and stops its chemical reaction with carpet fibers and carpet dyes. Should be used any time a bleach spot is redyed. One gallon will treat hundreds of spots. Packed in liquid and powder. 1 lb. powder makes 1 gal. concentrate. Concentrate can be diluted 1:1 with water.

Liquid Dye Remover (pint or pen)


A MUST HAVE FOR ALL DYE JOBS.  Lightens and Removes all non heat set dye regardless of time on carpet. This includes old and incorrect spot dye job, food stains and even furniture stains. Will not affect heat set dyes that are originally in carpet. Ideal for correcting side match color problems.

CR-2 – Color and Stain Remover Crystals


Removes stains and unwanted carpet dye. Separate from other reducing agents because of its powder form that can be made stronger as needed. Lightens or removes impossible stains like furniture stains, Kool-Aid, red wine, grass, chocolate, brown stains and spilled carpet dye. Requires steam iron, moist towel and ammonia.

Mix 1 Tbsp CR-2 Powder with 4 oz Water & 4 oz Ammonia

This product can be used in diluted form for delicate fabrics and colors.  Also can be used in higher concentration for dark stains and faster reaction times. If higher concentration of CR-2 is used, be prepared to spot dye the spot after stain removal.  Average processing time per stain should be less than 2 minutes.

For Professional Use Only. Read and understand all instructions before use.

Dye Set Penetrant


Required on all dye jobs to insure maximum penetration and bonding between dye and carpet fibers. Contains wetting agents, penetrators, leveling agents, and low temperature dyeing agents to insure uniform and professional results. Use 1/2 Tbsp per 32 oz dye bath for spot dyeing & 1 oz per gallon of hot water (120° minimum) for full room dyeing.

pH Stabilizer


An excellent dyeing aid for nylon, wool and stainblocker fibers with high pH levels, as well as dyeing applications that require cleaning compounds in the dye mixture. Lowers the pH of the dye bath and carpet fibers, stabilizes it at a pH of 4-6 for nylon and wool, or 2-3 for stain-resist fibers to ensure maximum effectiveness of the dye. Should be used for all color cleaning and stainblocker applications. One ounce of pH Stabilizer will lower 1 gallon dye bath by 2-3 pH points. Packed in liquid and powder. 1 lb. powder makes 1 gallon liquid concentrate, also.

Dye Fix


Prevents dye transfer, walk-off and bleeding. Recommended for Oriental rugs and upholstery prior to wet water cleaning. Available in nylon & wool or cotton & rayon. Makes 4 gallons. Dilute 1:3 with water.


Liquid Wall Guard


Keeps dye from walls, floors and equipment. Contains
no chlorine. Use with trigger sprayer and mist lightly
on wall. Keep wet for best results. Dye will easily
wipe off walls.

Bleach Off- Stop Bleach before it starts!


Stop Bleach before it starts! Never be surprised by a bleach discoloration again! This product effectively stops the activation of bleach upon contact with carpets, clothing, furniture and more. Spray Bleach Off immediately upon contact with unwanted surface and a discoloration will not occur. A must have for cleaning with bleach if you care about your clothing.

Odor Stain Soil OS-1 (Odor Control)


OS-1 is an all in one, ready to use, high performance, odor eliminator with built in stain and soil removal. You must clean and neutralize any urine stains before dyeing occurs. This product is easy to use and will get the job done! For best results apply OS-1 in sufficient quantity on and around the visible surface contamination. Agitate the area gently but thoroughly then blot or extract away the soil. A second light topical application may be used. Any stains not removed by the cleaning will disappear as the spot dries.

Stain Magic – Stain Removal Spray


“Stain Magic” is a 2 part stain removal solution that will work magic for you on most stains caused by coffee, tea, blood, mold, vomit, juice, wine, food and many other difficult to remove organic based stains.  ( For synthetic based stains like kool aid – use CR-2) The Pro’s Choice Stain Magic dual chamber trigger sprayer puts an end to mixing and measuring. Automatically blends parts A & B as solution is dispensed. Includes 2 quarts of liquid product plus empty dual chamber trigger sprayer.