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Home Dyers Kit


Designed for the homeowner with no experience dyeing carpet or fixing bleach stains.


  • 1 oz dye ( in your choice of color)
  • 2 oz One Step Dye Prep
  • Bleach Neutralizer crystal concentrate to make 8 oz of Liquid Bleach Neutralizer
  • Dye Pen Remover
  • carpet brush
  • Pipet
  • Stir sticks
  • Mixing cups & instructions

Automotive Dyeing Kit


Designed for the auto owner looking to refresh, redye or re color their carpet.


  • 2 oz dye ( in your choice of color)
  • 4 oz One Step Dye Prep
  • carpet brush
  • Pipet
  • Stir sticks
  • Mixing cups & instructions

Professional Spot Dye Kit


Contains everything you need for spot dyeing, sales calls, and carpet samples. Saves time and effort on all jobs and impresses your customers. Made for nylon and wool carpets. Refills available. Use the Dye Master’s Color Guide with this kit for best results ( not included). Kit includes a deluxe carrying case and the following:

  • (40) 1oz Containers of Powder Dye
  • All Liquid Chemicals you will need ( Dye Set-Penetrant, pH Stabilizer, Bleach Neutralizer)
  • Fiber ID Test Kit w/ Stain Resist Test Kit
  • CR-2  to Remove any Unwanted Dye or Stains
  • Detailed Spot Dyeing & Full Room Dyeing Manual with DVD
  • Carpet Brush, Gray Scale, Measuring Spoons, Mixing Containers, Pocket Color Guide, Artist’s Color Wheel

Ultra Professional Spot Dye Kit


Used by carpet inspectors, this kit contains the same colors and chemicals as professional kit, plus everything needed to do side match jobs: Hand towels, duct tape, thermometer and hot pot.

Artist Dyeing Kit


Comes with 8 Beautiful 1 oz containers of Acid Dye and 2 oz container of One Step Dye Prep. Use Dyes for Wool, Silk or Nylon Fibers. Colors include:

Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Purple, Black, Royal Blue, and Turquoise.

Beginners Spot Dye Kit


The perfect spot dyeing kit for every beginning carpet and upholstery cleaner, homeowner, or auto detailer. Can be used to dye any nylon, wool or stain-resistant material. Contains 12 colors of pre-mixed liquid dye, Bleach Neutralizer, Fiber ID Acid, CR-2 & CR-3 Color and Stain Remover, carpet brush, Color Wheel, Gray Scale, eyedroppers, carpet samples, carrying case, video and instruction manual. Easy to use, compact and inexpensive. Use with the Dye Master’s Color Guide. (Available in VHS or DVD.)

  • (12) 4oz containers of liquid
    dyes w/ chemicals.
  • Includes colors:

    Red, Blue, Yellow, Beige, Tan, Taupe, Dk. Brown, Violet, Purple, Green, Black, Dk. Gray.

Superior Spot Dye Kit


The Superior Kit has EVERYTHING you need to go on your carpet dyeing jobs. This kit was designed off of the exact dye kit that Americolor’s owner brings with her to spot dye jobs. Do not be left on the job without all of these essential items. In the deluxe rolling case comes all of the contains all of the Professional kit plus the following items:

  • Deluxe Rolling Case
  • Hot Water Kettle
  • Duck billed scissors
  • 1 LB of Bleach Neutralizer.
  • 1 Pint of Lemon Sudsy Ammonia
  • Extension Cord
  • Blow Dryer
  • Steam Iron
  • 2-3 prong electrical adapter
  • 3 Pair Latex Gloves
  • Spray Bottle
  • 2 White Terry Cloth Towels
  • Extra pipettes
  • Extra Dye Pen Remover

Bleach Test Kit


1 bottle kit designed to identify the presence of chlorine in discolorations, cleaning agents, etc. Ideal for testing if a discoloration was caused by bleach within a cleaning agent. A great way to test if your bleach neutralizer has fully neutralized the area.